A campground for the sprint weekend!

For the Sprint-OL-weekend a simple campground is available at the club location of the SC Klecken for the participants from 2/9 to 4/9.

It is a meadow place in the village Eckel, where self-brought tents can be set up.  Here are running water, a large tent to stay and a porta-potty available. Until a few days before the event, a school vacation camp will be held there. Cars can be parked at the edge of the meadow. The place is not suitable for campers.Around the campground there is also a sprint-OL map, which can be used on request. Contact: ol@sc-klecken.de


The registration is done in the O-Manager together with the registration for the DM Sprint-OL (single) under "Extra booking". The number of campsites is limited.

Costs: 4 Euro per person per night.



by car: approx. 32 km, approx. 35-45 min driving time, danger of traffic jams
with public transport: approx. 53 min driving time

DM Sprint-OL
by car: approx. 35 km, approx. 40-50 min driving time, traffic jams
with public transport: approx. 55 min driving time (recommended!)

DM Sprint-OL relay
by car: approx. 23 km, approx. 25-35 min driving time
with public transport: approx. 32 min driving time (recommended!)

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