Arrival: Rail rather than car

We recommend that all runners arrive by bus or train, or at least leave their car at the venue. All stages are easily accessible by HVV, and due to the volume of traffic in Hamburg, this is usually the faster and cheaper choice - and the more environmentally friendly one anyway.


For the Hamburg Sprint on Saturday we strongly advise against arriving by car. As the race takes place in a very central part of Hamburg, parking spaces are in absolute short supply and almost always subject to a charge (approx. 4 EUR / hour) and in some cases time-limited (2 hours). If in doubt, use the free or low-cost P+R facilities.

If you travel by bus or train, we recommend:

  • Dammtor station (approx. 300m): S-Bahn (S21, S31), regional trains, long-distance trains, buses

  • U Stephansplatz (approx. 350m): U1, buses.

Arrival from Klecken e.g. RB41 (METRONOM Hamburg-Bremen) to Hauptbahnhof, then continue with S21 (1 stop) - journey time approx. 35 minutes in total.

Friday and Sunday

The RB41 (METRONOM Hamburg-Bremen) stops at Klecken station, journey time from Hamburg main station 22 minutes.

The WKZ on Sunday is 200m north of the station, the prologue on Friday is about 1000m south of the station.

By the way: A group day ticket for up to 5 persons is available from 13,40 EUR.

Please use or the HVV App for more information and timetable planning.

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